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Our Services

Full Cycle Permanent Recruiting


iNtegrity offers full cycle permanent recruiting in the verticals of Accounting/Finance, IT, Engineering, Professional Services and Sales & Marketing.  These candidates are a dervitive of our extensive passive candidate network and possess industry experience.  We are experts at navigating through non-competes, salary/stock negotiations and ensuring our candidate will accept your offer if made.


iNtegrity engages in powerful resources as consultant vendors in the verticals of Accounting/Finance, IT , Engineering, Professional Services and Sales & Marketing.  These vendor resources can be engaged from planning to implementation through execution to test/audit and completion of specified project.  We have vast experience with Statement of Work projects and have domestic PMO offices as well as Officeshore capabilities to ensure success of project while mitigating.

Temporary Engagements

iNtegrity offers full cycle temporary engagements in the verticals of Accounting/Finance, IT, Engineering, Professional Services

and Sales and Marketing. This is a fixed cost and a viable solution as

your business or organization grows or right sizes to increase productivity. 

We partner with many professionals who enjoy the flexibility and ever changing conditions that a temporary engagement can provide. 

PMO Housing and Offshore Capabilities

iNtegrity has the ability and agility to house and grow with your PMO or offshore vendor needs.  To discuss in more detail please contact us.

Vendor Management Services


iNtegrity can create, manage and run a vendor nuetral management services staff augmentation program and has partners with some off largest players in this space that will allow you to increase your diverse spend, mitigate risk and reduce your overall staffing costs.  Our biggest fans are our clients.  For more info let us put you in touch with one of our clients so you can ask questions regarding our programs and offerings in this space.


Diverisity & Minority Owned


iNtegrity+ is a Diveristy and minority owned company.  We are able to maximize your diversity goals and have access to certain relationships that only diversity and minority owned companies do. 


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