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iNtegrity's Recruiting Methodology

This is what separates us from 99% of staffing firms.  We do not rely on big board advertising.  iNtegrity operates on a 24/7 recruiting cycle continually building one of the most expansive candidate networks across the nation in the verticals of IT, Engineering, Professional Services and Sales and Marketing.  We are proud to offer one of the most comprehensive largest candidate databases in the Nation fostered from referrals, social netoworking, and passive candidates.

 About iNtegirty +

iNtegrity's TEAM

Our team empowers over 50+ years of staffing knowledge.  We have successfully navigated through good economic times and bad.  We do not comprimise our core values and embrace ingenuity and change.  Our management staff is by far the most tenured team in the industry.

How it began:

In 2004 our founder (Jeremy Johnston)  believed that the staffing/consulting business should be built on ethics and people first.  With the increasing number of publicly traded companies in the multi-billion dollar staffing industry, this business became to much about corporate profits and not enough about relationships, people, and ethics first principals.  We have built a firm that truly works hard to understand our clients present and future goals and engage with them to secure the best talent in the workforce for their specific industry.  Our candidates are treated like gold, and are true stakeholders in the success of the projects they work on as well as iNtegrity's success.

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